World Golf Expo 2022 – Culture Of Change

The 2022 World Golf Expo is back on track and the organizing team has already fired its engine to plan for a totally new show that is in sync with the changed business environment.

To reflect the new business parameters and paradigms that are beginning to shape the business landscape that is emerging, the organisers have decided to work on a thematic platform that best represents the days ahead. The theme that has been selected for the World Golf Expo 2022 is “THE CULTURE OF CHANGE!”

The journey ahead in planning for WGE 2022 is filled with many unknowns – the future is not going to be what we originally thought it would be. Numerous practices that the world has grown accustomed to over the years will be turned on their heads. Coping with these upheavals is not going to be a simple task and quick fixes are not going to get the job done.

The great management guru, Peter Drucker once wisely counselled when he said, “The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic.” What Drucker said is profound and speaks for itself. As we look ahead in these trying times, we must learn to accept that there are no old roads to new directions. Our minds are like parachutes – they work best when open! This will form the ethos of our plans as we work towards mapping out the shape and direction of WGE 2022.

To help set the tone for WGE 2022, it is important to recognise the hugely changed environment that most businesses will have to conduct themselves in and this includes the multi-billion golf industry in Asia. Prior to the onset of the global pandemic, the golf industry was in a relatively healthy state with all sectors reporting growth trends.

The golf club industry, made up of over 5000 golf clubs in the Asia Pacific region were all experiencing steady increases in rounds played and general revenue generated. The club equipment manufacturers including those who supply golf apparel and accessories also saw steady growth in their respective sectors.

Activity on the construction of new golf courses, especially in Vietnam was humming along at a steady pace. According to the R&A, the governing body that overlooks the state of golf in the world, the number of golf courses under development, under planning and under construction in Asia and the Middle East numbered over 153. A number of these projects have either been slowed down or rescheduled due to the pandemic.

There is no denying that the golf industry has been affected by the pandemic, but it does not mean to say that the industry is down and out. Far from it – golfers are still playing, and equipment sales have been at a steady high.

All the positive indicators are there but the golf industry needs to be cognizant of how other industries have been affected. The golf industry cannot adopt an attitude whereby it feels that the industry will return to its pre-pandemic heydays. Many things have changed in the past two years, and it will continue to keep changing until a full adjustment is made. The changes that are expected will be sweeping and, in many regards, it will be technology driven.

The dates for WGE 2022 have been set and the mega event will be staged from November 12 – 16, 2022. The venue will be the sprawling multi-billion-dollar Mission Hills Golf Resort in Haikou, Hainan.

The organising team behind WGE 2022 is made up of the Mission Hills Group, ASIAN GOLF and the AIT Events Company Limited. The events to be included under the WGE 2022 umbrella will include the following:

  • World Golf Expo Trade Exhibition – 12 to 14 November
  • World Golf Expo Summit – 14 to 16 November
  • Global Golf Awards – 16 November

Aside from these three major events, there will be a few other activities which are currently in an advanced planning stage. Details should be forthcoming before December 2021.

“As a team, we are pulling out all stops to ensure that WGE 2022 is the biggest and best show of its kind – we need to think big to help boost the industry to a fast start and to make up for all the lost time,” declared Tenniel Chu, Vice-Chairman of the Mission Hills Group and Chairman of the WGE 2022 Organising Committee.

“Our peers in the industry have been forced into a state where face to face contact has been totally curtailed in most cases and being in the people business, it is imperative that we provide a safe and solid meeting space for everyone to come together and work towards getting our industry into top gear and moving,” Chu said.

He went on to explain that the global pandemic has had both a destructive and disruptive effect on many businesses and the golf industry was not spared this devastative impact. “It is no use to lament over what has happened but to take positive lessons learnt and move ahead to build a stronger business that is embedded in firm bedrock that can withstand future shocks to our industry.”

In the move to rebuild, WGE 2022 has adopted “The Culture Of Change” that is seen to be a revolutionary theme which is ideal for the industry’s comeback. “We believe that this is a perfect platform upon which to build a business get together that will help share new thoughts and ideas to help us build an even more robust and resilient post pandemic industry,” said Mike Sebastian, CEO of ASIAN GOLF and the executive producer of WGE.

“Basically, we are looking at inculcating a whole new vision for a new era because many of the pre-pandemic business practices have been more or less voided by this sudden disruption,” Sebastian pointed out. According to him, the disruption has brought about a paradigm shift where digital technologies will play an increasingly larger role in the day-to-day operations of all aspects of the golf and golf club industry.

In keeping with the general theme, the WGE 2020 Trade Exhibition is being designed to serve as the industry’s window to golf equipment, apparel and golf accessories. The company organizing the exhibition has a twenty-year track record in organizing and staging large trade shows and exhibitions in China. Frank Xu, the CEO of AIT Events said, “We have had extensive experience in staging golf shows in China for many years and we are delighted to be part of WGE to help organize a show of international stature.”

In the coming weeks, the speaker line-up and programme for WGE 2022 will be announced and the official website will launch for delegate and exhibition registration by November 1, 2021.

“If there is one golf industry event that industry professionals should attend, WGE 2022 is it,” exclaimed Chu. “Not only have we gone to great lengths to produce the best event in the best in the industry, but we will also work on a terrific programme that will ensure excellent entertainment, food and networking opportunities,” Chu added.

World Golf Expo – Spearheading A Paradigm Shift For Golf!

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