Tiger’s Up!

Golf’s greatest living legend is back on his feet!

Tiger Woods, propped up with crutches, flashed his trademark smile in a moment of joy to mark the second anniversary of his horrific car crash.

The 45-year old super star, pictured above, with a medical brace on his lower right leg and ankle, standing next to his beloved dog.

In an Instagram message, Tiger said, “My course is coming along faster than I am,” referring to one of his golf courses. He added, “But it’s nice to have a faithful rehab partner, man’s best friend.”

In his car crash, Tiger suffered open fractures in his right leg, meaning the bone was shattered in at least 2 places and broke through the skin.

Doctors used a rod to stabilize it, according to Tiger’s medical team, and he’s reportedly been spending the past several weeks recovering and rehabbing at one of his residences in Florida.