Simply Genius – A Brilliant Marketing Move!

Hey golfers – check this out. A golf course adds a new spin to the game by offering two configurations within one golf course. Its current configuration will be known as Course A while the new configuration, will be known as Course B. How ingenious especially when you consider that this idea has been cooked up by a public golf course in Singapore!

Congratulations Marina Bay Golf Course! You guys know how to keep on adding the critical “wow” factor to your course!

The new configuration will kick in on May 3.

This was the same facility that introduced a par-6 on its 4th in 2016 and this new feature has gone on to become a favourite with golfers.

“Like the par 6, we see our new Course B configuration paving the way for golfers to experience the golf course in a different light and derive a totally different experience out of playing 18 holes,” said a club spokesman.

While the individual hole layout remains unchanged, the routing from hole to hole is different in Course B. Course A comprises of an outer and inner loop of two sets of nine holes, both of which lead to the club house. Course B, on the other hand, features some holes crossing over to the inner loop after hole 5. For example, the existing hole 9 will become hole 18 and, the existing hole 18 will become hole 10 for Course B. With the change in hole sequence, golfers who are all too familiar with the existing golf course layout will have to change their game plan accordingly.

Adding a new dimension to the game is the allocation of handicap strokes for each hole in Course B and one can expect two different outcomes and double the fun when they play on Course A and B.

“We are committed to deliver not only amazing value but also a golf course that’s truly a golfer’s delight. The novel concept of a 2-in-1 course is a prelude to more exciting initiatives that are in the pipeline,” said Ng Ser Miang, Chairman of NCI Golf Pte Ltd, the owner and operator of Marina Bay Golf Course.