On-Line Voting Hits A Fever Pitch – 150,000 Barrier Busted!

Voting for the 2018 Asian Golf Awards over the years has always been steady but for this year, response has been simply phenomenal!

Just a week ago, the total valid votes cast had hit an all-time record of 143,438. On its own this was already a fantastic achievement but seven days later, the voting barometer has heated up to accelerate past 153,000 valid votes cast. As of 4:00pm Singapore time on June 6, the exact number of votes stood at 153,762 and it is still pouring in!

Last year’s record for the on-line poll was 104,000.

With slightly over three weeks to go, there is every possibility that the final vote tally will set a new all-time record and looking at the on-line voting trends, one can’t rule out the final count hitting 170,000 votes by June 30, the last day for voting for the 2018 Asian Golf Awards.

“The overwhelming response to this year’s on-line poll is indicative of the fact that more golf clubs and people in the golf industry are showing a keener interest in the Asian Golf Awards,” said Alice Ho, coordinator for the polls.

“It is also indicative of the international stature of the Asian Golf Awards and its place in the golf industry in the Asia Pacific region,” she added.

The latest trend indicator has Thailand in the lead with Vietnam moving up very rapidly. The other star performers are China and Malaysia.

The 2018 polls is the 19th edition in the series. “The final outcome of the Asian Golf Awards poll is determined by the number of valid votes cast during the polling period which ends on June 30,” Ho pointed out.

Success in the polls is based on the popular vote count with the most number of votes received in a given category securing the top award.” It is important to understand that this is a popular vote process and to do well, clubs need to organise themselves to try and obtain as many votes as they possibly can from their members, guests and golfers in general,” Ho added.

The Asian Golf Awards is the only pan-Asia Pacific Award programme of its kind for the golf industry and it has established itself as both the “Oscars” for the industry and a very distinguished measure of excellence by which the industry measures its very best.

To vote for your favourites in the industry, just visit this link and start voting: http://agmawards.asiapacificgolfgroup.com/

The Asian Golf Awards – The Most Sought After Mark Of Excellence In Golf!