IoT – What The Hell Have You Got To Lose?

So, you’re letting hundreds of rounds of golf slip through your fingers every month. Your business at your F&B outlets suck! Your club promoted events bomb. Generally, you face a tough time and the only solution seems to be the levying of surcharges on members to make up for revenue loss. Not a good idea because members have an uncanny knack of turning on you with real evil intent!

So much for drama! You know that there is ONE SOLUTION to addressing all these challenges and it is part of the growing world of the Internet of Things (IoT). It’s called the SMARTPHONE and by 2020, it is estimated that there will be 3 billion of these devices in use. Once the SMARTPHONE is loaded up with special APPLICATIONS designed for golf clubs, you will be on your way to turning around your current state of despair.

All of a sudden, through your club’s OWN SMARTPHONE App, you begin to fill up your daily sheet for rounds booked; your chefs will be cooking up a storm in your F&B outlets; your club events will be like rock shows and total sell-outs; your members will be the best informed ALWAYS!

The list just goes on – the end game is all about keeping your cash registers constantly ringing. Now what’s not to like about your OWN SMARTPHONE App? Nothing really and that’s why we ask:


The 2018 Asia Pacific Golf Summit (APGS 2018), the 12th in the series will be show-casing a purpose-built SMARTPHONE App for Asian golf clubs. It’s called GOLF CITIZEN, launched back in 2011 by golf visionary Mohamed Juma Buamaim, the MENA Tour founder and honorary Golf In Dubai president. A man who is passionate about golf, Buamaim kick-started Golf Citizen “because I felt that there was a need for golf clubs to change their modus operandi from the conventional way of running their businesses and to adopt and engage with new technologies.

Put simply, Golf Citizen provides a buffet of services that cover the sale and booking of tee-times, F&B bookings, push notifications, score cards, event management, news and a host of other facilities.

And here’s the clincher – it’s all for FREE! Just download the Golf Citizen App NOW (link) and become a part of the new IoT revolution!

“We are Asian-based and we have appointed a full-time agency to assist golf clubs in Asia to transition to the Golf Citizen platform seamlessly,” Buamaim explained. This is a huge game-changer because clubs need to prepare themselves and their staff to move from a conventional system to the SMARTPHONE App and having a local presence will make the change painless.

Come and listen to Buamaim roll out Golf Citizen at APGS 2018. If there is one good thing that you can do for your club is to ENGAGE with Golf Citizen. To help you get on board, one of the early adopters of Golf Citizen, Stuart Daly, Director of Golf at the award-winning Banyan Golf Club in Hua Hin, Thailand will take the stage to share experiences of how Golf Citizen has helped in a myriad of ways in the daily operations of the club.

So, what the heck are you waiting for? ACT NOW. ENGAGE with Golf Citizen. Better still, attend APGS 2018 and be part of the IoT revolution.

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