Historic Collaboration To Promote Golf Tourism

A fantastic agreement has been put together in Bangkok, Thailand, which opens up a whole new golf experience for Japanese golfers headed to the Kingdom.

The landmark agreement is between Golf Citizen, a leading tee-time reservation operator – https://golfcitizen.com/play/welcome and Club Thailand – http://www.thailandcard.com/, a top golf tour agent which specialises in promoting golf tourism from Japan.

The historic collaboration was inked in Bangkok between Club Thailand’s President, Mr. Ken Inoue and Mr. Mohamed Juma Buamaim, Chairman and owner of Golf Citizen.

Club Thailand is widely regarded as the largest golf tour promoter in Bangkok that handles golfers from Japan. It is believed that the company accounts for between 280,000 to 300,000 rounds of golf per year, making it a major force in the business of golf tourism.

Club Thailand is associated with some 128 golf clubs in Thailand which offers visiting golfers a wide choice of playing possibilities.

“This is a major development for the golf club industry in Thailand because this collaboration between the two companies is going to make the whole process of booking and playing golf in Thailand an easy and seamless experience,” said Mr. Buamaim.

“We are looking towards further enhancing the already wonderful experience that our customers from Japan have and with this agreement in place, I am confident that golf tourism from Japan is set to grow at an exponential rate going forward,” said Mr. Inoue.

“We hope to be working on plans where this collaboration is expected to expand its scope to cover the ASEAN countries,” revealed Mr. Buamaim.