Hainan Takes A Giant Leap In Golf Tourism

It is now official – in one fell swoop, the Hainan International Golf Alliance has been established with a great mission objective. The mission is to bring together government and golf tourism stakeholders from across Hainan Province to promote the tropical Chinese island as a global golf tourism destination.

Tenniel Chu, Vice Chairman of the giant Mission Hills Group, owner and operator of Mission Hills Haikou, the world’s largest public golf resort with 10 courses in Hainan, will serve as Chairman of the alliance.

Commenting on the formation of the Alliance, Chu said, “The Hainan International Golf Alliance is prepared to unite all members to extensively expand contacts with similar organisations in other countries across the region and worldwide. We will continue to build the reputation of golf in Hainan and its appeal to overseas markets through tournaments, forums, exhibitions and awards.”

Chu, whose Mission Hills Group also operates 12 courses in Shenzhen on the mainland of China, making it a world-record 22 courses in total, added,  “Looking ahead, the alliance will admit airlines, charter operators, travel agencies, hotels and other travel-related companies, as well as more high-quality golf clubs in Hainan. We will drive Hainan’s inbound golf tourism through product launches, overseas promotions, international events, and by attracting and training international golf professionals.”

Hainan is the first province in China to form such an alliance and promote golf as a vehicle for international tourism in this way.

Photo caption – Ni Qiang (front right), Hainan Government Party Secretary and Tenniel Chu (front left) of Mission Hills Group are joined by other government officials and golf tourism stakeholders at Mission Hills Haikou resort on China’s Hainan Island to announce the Hainan International Golf Alliance.