GOLFZON’s Founder Mr. Kim Inducted Into Asian Hall Of Fame

You’ve got to hand it to Mr. Kim Young-Chan. He started a company called GOLFZON in the year 2000 and rapidly grew it into a power-house in the highly competitive golf simulator industry. Under two decades, he has grown GOLFZON into a multi-million dollar industry giant who business spans the entire world today.

As he puts it, his mission from the outset was to make golf more enjoyable for everyone. “At GOLFZON, we’re growing the popularity of golf through our products, services and technology. GOLFZON’s simulators have made the playing of indoor “screen golf” a sensation in South Korea. Young people are flocking to the game, and GOLFZON cafés have become social hubs and after-hours meeting points for workers of all ages,” he said.

Statistics show that approximately 50 million people around the world are playing screen golf at least once a year. Since its founding in 2000, GOLFZON has grown annual sales by leaps and bounds and additionally, some 40,000 workers are employed in the screen golf industry.

For his achievements in promoting the game of golf, Mr. Kim is being inducted into the 2018 Asia Pacific Golf Hall Of Fame.

Come and be a part of this great moment in the history of Asian Golf.

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