Golf’s Perrenial Hunt For Low Maintenance Grass

For time immemorial, golf course operators have been on a hunt for a species of turf grass that is low on maintenance, requiring less irrigation and that is shade tolerant.

This has also been the mission of the Asia Pacific Golf Summit (APGS) which has showcased world-class sod academics and breeders over the years. Virtually every type of major turf grass has been introduced by APGS over the last ten years.

The hunt is not over – this year will see the official introduction of a revolutionary golf course turf grass known as Zeon Zoysia. This was the same turf used to grass the golf course for the Rio Olympic Games.

The legendary golf great Greg Norman and Golf’s Hall of Fame superstar was astounded by Zeon when he first hit off this new turf and discovered just how playable the grass was? After hitting a shot with a 3-wood directly off the grass, he turned around, drop-jawed, and remarked,  “Wow, that zoysia is phenomenal.”

Cordillera Ranch golf course in the heart of the Texas Hill Country is a Jack Nicklaus Signature course and it was among the very first to feature Zeon Zoysia.

Zeon Zoysia is a world-class playing surface that provides superior lies, excellent feedback on ball-striking, and excels in stressful conditions brought on by extreme drought and heat. It is very environmentally friendly and the grass needs very little water, and very low amounts of nitrogen fertilizer, while still looking and playing great.

The man who grows Zeon, David Doguet, President of Bladerunner Farms, arguably amongst the largest turf farms in the world will be at APGS 2017 to give delegates a first-hand introduction to the grass. Together with the breeder of ZEON, Dr. Milton Engelke, delegates will be able to understand how they can get a handle on their turf maintenance cost.

There’s no man more passionate than Doguet about the best turf for golf courses. “Yes, you can have a beautiful golf course without all of the water, fertilizer, mowing or chemicals commonly used on other grasses. That’s been the Bladerunner Farms goal for three decades. We’re happy to report that the grasses we offer you today meet or exceed the criteria of sustainability. You can you have a beautiful golf course that you can water less often, use less fertilizer and that requires less maintenance!”

All golf course owners, operators, general managers and golf course superintendents must make a date to come and meet David Doguet in person and see for yourselves how you can operate a better golf course.

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