GOLF Version 3.0 – An Irreverent Look At The Game We Love!

With the passing of each year, it has almost become a customary practice for the golf establishment to talk about change to the ancient game. The game is ancient alright and for the hundreds of years that it has been in existence, there have always been mavericks who have called out for change.

Never has the advocacy for change to the game been so vociferous as it is today. While the push for change is a healthy phenomenon, it becomes somewhat of a let-down when most of the calls end up on the rubbish heap of what were once deemed to be brilliant, earth shaking and revolutionary ideas.

It all becomes very frustrating when the call for change is ignored by the powers that be who more-often-than-not, are too pre-occupied with golf balls travelling too far or a driver not conforming to their rigid conformity standards.

While they may perceive these to be matters of utmost importance to the survival of the game, there are those amongst us who are more focused on helping to keep the game growing especially amongst younger demographics who don’t necessarily seem to think that golf is a great game!

The game is faced with a dilemma and this is what has coaxed the organisers of the 2018 Asia Pacific Golf Summit (APGS 2018) to bring the matter into focus at the event scheduled to be staged at the brand-new Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit in Thailand on November 1 – 3.

APGS 2018 does not intend to delve on doomsday scenarios but to instead look at how change can been introduced to golf so that it is FUN for everyone! This may sound overly simplistic but it is the simple ideas that are easy to grasp and implement for universal acceptance.

We have got to break away from the plodding, steeped-in-bureaucratic red-tape mind-set that has suffocated the game for too long and seek out new and refreshing ways to inject across-the-board appeal to the widest spectrum of golf’s full playing potential.

To get the message of change across, APGS has turned to two of the most experienced club professionals in the business today. The first is without doubt the dean of clubs and a man who understands what it takes to make a club work and how to sustain the element of FUN and INVOLVEMENT in a changing environment. He is the effervescent and irrepressible Gregg Patterson, President of Tribal Magic and long-time general manager of The Beach Club in California.

Joining him on stage will be James Graham Prusa, a Stanford University alumni and a respected practitioner in world-class, golf course management, a highly experienced multiple-property manager, noted author, dynamic speaker, proven experience in tour event preparation, and a highly respected golf industry teacher / trainer in the field of international golf course management. Phew! That was a mouthful!

When you put Patterson and Prusa together, expect a high-energy pyrotechnic show of irreverent thoughts, ideas and sheer brilliance. Watch and listen to this dynamic duo as they walk you through a myriad of ways in which all of us in the club industry can learn and benefit from.

What Patterson and Prusa plan to offer will be a package of leads designed to help you and your club transform and become a highly improved facility with FUN and PROFITS as the key considerations.

The gurus are all primed and ready to rock. Register now to be a part of this exciting double-act at:

APGS 2018 – Engagement – Golf’s New Engine For Growth!
Bangkok – November 1 – 3 * Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit * Thailand

APGS – The 12th edition. One Of The Industry’s Best!