The “Genius” Golf Ball – It Has Happened!

It was only a matter of time before some bright spark figured out how to embed a GPS in a golf ball. Well, it has happened courtesy of the upstarts from New York – Oncore, the guys who rocked the world with their hollow-core golf ball technology some years back.

Although it has been a rocky ride for this start-up, they stuck it out and their grit and determination is now paying off!

Founded by a three-man team made up of Keith Blakely, Bret Blakely and Stephen Coulton, Oncore has announced plans for the “Genius Ball”, a GPS-containing golf ball with embedded electronic sensors and measurement systems.

According to the company, the ball is a real “game-changer” – it has a GPS chip embedded in it that will calculate a wide range of data for each shot, including the ball’s distance, flight path, velocity, spin rate, flight path, and distance. In turn the data will be communicated via Bluetooth to player’s mobile devices in real time.

Beyond the ability to locate an errant shot anywhere on the course or in the woods, the Genius Ball will deliver an incredible amount of shot data.

“From our very first days, we have focused on creating unique products that deliver performance, enjoyment, and encourage golfers to continue to play this great game,” stated Bret Blakely, OnCore Golf co-founder. “The intent of concept behind the Genius Ball is to provide data that helps golfers understand their performance on the course in real time in a way that no other technology can and to help them become better golfers. We are confident that what a launch monitor can do for a golfer at on the driving range is what the Genius Ball will do for the golfer on the course – on every hole and for every shot. Golfers crave technology and information and this is our new ‘product Ball with a Brain’ that will deliver both.”