Possible Cure Found For COVID-19?

Finally, there’s hope that a cure has been found for the dreaded Coronavirus which has claimed thousands of lives globally over the past three months.

There’s welcome news for golfers coming from the San Diego-based Sorrento Therapeutic which has announced that it has found an antibody in its vast library of stored antibodies that appears to be a cure.

Sorrento CEO Dr. Henry Ji (pictured) says its antibody, STI-1499, has provided 100% inhibition of the SARS-COV-2 virus in pre-clinical tests. Dr. Ji went so far as to call it a cure.

In order to broaden the potential effectiveness of this type of treatment, Sorrento has proposed a cocktail of three antibodies against COVID-19, attacking the virus at different weak points. To further that approach, Sorrento is partnering with Mount Sinai Hospital in New York to gain access to its more than 15,000 antibodies extracted from COVID patients.

If Sorrento gets US Federal Drug Administration approval for STI-1499, it says it can produce 200,000 doses a month, and will work to manufacture millions at risk, while FDA approval.

It is not known for sure until clinical trials prove its effectiveness and this may not take long, but this could be the breakthrough the world has been waiting for.

Meanwhile, American President Donald Trump has announced “Operation Warp Speed” to develop the COVID-19 vaccine as his administration mounted an unprecedented effort that involves the country’s military to get a vaccine for the deadly disease before the end of the year.

“It is called Operation Warp Speed that means big, and it means fast a massive scientific industrial and logistical endeavour, unlike anything our country has seen since the Manhattan Project,” according to Trump.

In concert with the US government effort are numerous programmes involving pharmaceutical companies all involved in an urgent hunt for a COVID-19 vaccine.