APGS 2019 – A 5G Mindset – Making Golf Fun!

It’s no secret that golf has been having a tough ride over the past few years. Participation has been on a steady decline and combined with a slew of other problems, the fun element in golf seems to have deserted the game.

A key consideration to keep in mind is that golf today is not your father’s game. The demands of a multi-tiered demographic structure made up of Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z are very different and to get them on board calls for a very radical mindset change. In its current form, golf at the club level is too stodgy, stiff upper-lipped and rule-bound. Put simply, it’s NO FUN!

There is really a need for a new mindset to shake-up the way golf is played at the club level. The transformation has to be designed to stir up an interest to bring in new and younger golfers and the new mindset must be sustainable over the long haul. This calls for a collective effort on the part of the game’s gatekeepers, course owners and operators.

To set the right tone, the 2019 Asia Pacific Golf Summit has reached out to a man who can inspire and motivate to help open a new page for golf. He is Englishman Jeremy Dale who has staged more than 2000 shows in 42 countries. As a PGA certified coach and one of the world’s best golf trick shot artist he has never ceased to thrill, inspire, motivate and amaze thousands.

Dale is a firm believer in FUN, and he has the right credentials to lay out a strategy that can and will help fire up a new sense of enthusiasm and drive on how golf clubs in Asia can reach out to new demographics.

Famed professional golfer Ian Woosnam describes Dale as “a very professional speaker and interviewer and a very talented trick shot artist.” Woosnam added, “His golf show is simply the best I’ve ever see.”

Dale will fire the Summit off to a flying start and will get all delegates onto the same page and focused on making golf FUN for the games’ new demographics.

Besides his motivational talk, Dale will host a special trick shot challenge that will precede the 6th Asia Pacific Inter-Club Golf Tournament. He will keep the fun going on the golf course, and it will be a treat to watch this Master at work! After all, he’s being doing this for over twenty years!

Dale is one of some twenty world-class speakers who have been booked to speak at APGS 2019.

Watch Jeremy in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nG6Wda1TtJ0

The Summit will be staged on November 4 – 6 in the futuristic Indian city of Gurugram and the venue will be the multi-award winning DLF Golf and Country Club.

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APGS 2019 – The 13th edition. One Of The Industry’s Best!