WGE – Golf’s New Global Footprint!

For thirteen years, the Asia Pacific Golf Summit (APGS) has been the dominant Summit on the business of golf in the region. With effect from 2020, the reins of APGS is being handed over to the giant Mission Hills Group of China and working in collaboration with the Asia Pacific Golf Group, the owner of APGS, a new mega event has been created. The new event is not just a normal progression of APGS but a paradigm shift in terms of scale, size and mission. The new event is designed to not only give golf a new sense of purpose in Asia but to reach out to all stake holders around the world and to help bring about a unification for the general betterment of the golf industry.

Hence, golf’s new global footprint is the World Golf Expo (WGE)! Like everything that the Mission Hills Group undertakes, WGE is being planned to be a very thorough and all-encompassing event that is in keeping with the corporate ethos of the organisation which put simply, is to either be the first to do something or do it to be the biggest.

In this context, WGE is definitely the first of its kind and is planned to become the biggest. In terms of scale and scope, it is being planned to be a totally unique event. “While APGS was a very successful event, we see WGE as being a golf event that will cover many areas,” said Tenniel Chu, the vice-chairman of the Mission Hills Group and the chairman of the WGE Organising Committee.

“There has never been a better time to promote golf in this region given the fact that Asia and the Pacific region is still the world’s fastest growing major region, contributing more than two-thirds to global growth,” Chu pointed out.

Another major development on the Asian golf landscape was the staging of the 20th anniversary of the globally recognised Asian Golf Awards. More than 300 award winners and guests attended a gala banquet that was hosted by the DLF Golf & Country Club for the 2019 Asian Golf Awards. From the very outset of the planning for the awards, Aakash Ohri, the event’s host and the Executive Director of DLF Home Developers said, “Make it the best in the series and make it a truly memorable event!” Ohri got exactly what he asked for. The staging had a Bollywood-touch to it. The production was slick. The food served was fit for maharajahs. All told, the 2019 edition of the Asian Golf Awards was a major success.

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