LIV Golf Bangkok – Simply Epic! 

Get Ready! LIV Golf is coming to Bangkok. Big names. Big energy. Big noise.

Experience the unrelenting action from top players such as Cam Smith, Dustin Johnson, Phachara Khongwatmai, Sadom Kaewkanjana and more.

Twelve Teams, 54 Holes, Shotgun starts. Plus live music, good vibes and great eats. Hosted at Stonehill from 7 -9 October, a new destination and golf course in Thailand’s Pathum Thani province that that is truly world class.

ASIAN GOLF has this historic event covered in the October/November edition.

In conjunction with LIV Golf Bangkok, Asia will witness the staging of the 2022 Asia Pacific Golf Summit – the 14th in the series of this internationally acclaimed summit on the business of golf.

The countdown to its staging on November 1 – 3 in Vietnam is on. And its theme is DYNAMIC NEW VISTAS, with the primary thrust focused on how the golf and club industry is changing in a post pandemic era.

With more than 20 world-class speakers on board, APGS 2022 epitomises the confidence and clear vision of the golf industry in Asia to recover from the crippling global pandemic.

There’s simply nothing like APGS 2022 – it is not your usual run-of-the-mill, ho-hum, same old same old golf business gathering – it is totally cutting edge and a coming together of sharp business minds focused to push the envelope of change to its extreme.

All this and more in the October/November edition of the number one golf magazine in the Indo-Pacific region!

There is nothing like ASIAN GOLF. Voted the Best Golf Business Magazine In The Asia Pacific for 2020/2021.

ASIAN GOLF – providing a new and different perspective on golf!

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