Dynamic New Vistas! 

Half of 2022 has just gone whizzing by and ASIAN GOLF hits the halfway mark with a July edition that is jam-packed with exclusive articles.

Kicking off July is the return of one of the world’s top summits on the business of golf – the ASIA PACIFIC GOLF SUMMIT 2022. Bouncing back from an enforced hibernation of two years, APGS 2022 is the 14th staging of the summit and it will be heading to what is widely regarded as the most vibrant environment for golf – Vietnam. This Southeast Asian nation is witnessing unprecedented development and growth in golf and is without doubt the industry’s global showcase for new course development. The host city is the ancient city of Hoi An, a designated United Nations Heritage site, a short drive from the City of Danang.

The venue for APGS 2022 will be the multi-billion-dollar Hoiana Integrated Resort and Casino, a plush and new venue that is opening up an era of hope and change for an ancient city. It is the perfect setting for APGS 2022 because it is a great working example of how the traditional and historic city of Hoi An is stepping out into the future with a vision for dynamic growth. Hoi An has inspired APGS 2022 to embrace this ethos and go with a bold theme for the Summit – Dynamic New Vistas!

Talking about things new, APGS 2022 will be launching Inrange Golf! It is revolutionary service, and it is ready to work with golf clubs in Asia to help them all realise a market segment that has been waiting to be tapped. A segment that wants to engage with golf and to do it in a manner that is both fun and affordable!

Inrange Golf is in the field of real-time analytics that are crunched via advanced golf ball radar tracking technology from impact to landing point. Sensors, some overlapping, are strategically placed around golf club ranges and independent driving ranges. Analytics can be viewed on smart phones or driving range entertainment screens.

According to the co-founder of Inrange Golf Nick Longley, his product is all “about making golf more accessible to all, especially the younger demographics and families.

For those who have been following the incredible disruption that LIV Golf is creating in professional golf, ASIAN GOLF captures all the action in its first every tournament which was held in England in June. The Saudi Arabian-backed Greg Norman-led mega tour is up and running and ASIAN GOLF will keep a track as it grows and expands.

All this and more in the July edition of the number one golf magazine in the Indo-Pacific region!

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