The July ASIAN GOLF is out – Special Double-Cover edition! 

The latest edition of ASIAN GOLF features twin covers, a very rare occurrence in the history of the publication. Only once before, was there a two-cover issue.

The reason for a double-header was brought about by two very important articles. The first related to a special report that explores some exciting trends that could result in the emergence of a “super” golf tour. This report, exclusive to ASIAN GOLF, looks at reported on-going talks between the beleaguered ASIAN TOUR, one of the major professional golf tours operating in the region and investors from the oil-rich Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. If the deal happens, this will throw a huge lifeline to the struggling ASIAN TOUR and set it on a new course towards growth.

The second cover story focuses on a product that had its beginning in Asia, more specifically in Singapore. It is an exciting and affordable mobile launch monitor that has set a scorching pace in North America and Europe. In fact, it has been voted as the best such device on the market. The company behind this revolutionary product is the Singapore-based RAPSODO and it is now working on launching this mobile launch monitor aggressively in Asia. This is yet another exclusive special report by ASIAN GOLF.

For this and more, check out the July 2021 edition of ASIAN GOLF. There is nothing like ASIAN GOLF. Voted the Best Golf Business Magazine In The Asia Pacific for 2020/2021.

Stay with ASIAN GOLF for the best perspective on golf – regional, international and global. It doesn’t get any better!

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