ASIAN GOLF – June 2017 Edition

The latest issue of ASIAN GOLF is out. The June issue features some of the best original content on golf news. This issue focuses on Topgolf, the highly revolutionary form of playing golf that is sweeping North America. Topgolf is scheduled to go global and ASIAN GOLF is the first to bring you details about this fun and exciting way to play golf.

ASIAN GOLF – As Asia’s most authoritative and leading golf publication, we report on golf with a unique Asian perspective. We report the news and facts about golf and tell it like it is!

It is the only pan-Asian publication on golf that is fully digital. Its editorial content is wrapped in rich media – stories are told with text, glorious images, video content and links for a multi-dimensional reading experience. There’s nothing like ASIAN GOLF!

Stay with ASIAN GOLF for the best perspective on golf – regional, international and global. It doesn’t get any better!

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Fakers Get Busted!

Fakers Get Busted! The U.S. Golf Manufacturers Anti-Counterfeiting Working Group (The Golf Group) reports a “significant decline” in the overall number of on-line scams. The....

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Some Cool New Soles From FJ

Some Cool New Soles From FJ The latest all-new D.N.A. Helix are so cool, you’ve simply got to have them! Just launched in North America (available in Asia in September), the n....

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BRG Group Seals Historic Deal With Nicklaus Design

BRG Group Seals Historic Deal With Nicklaus Design The pace of golf course development in Vietnam just picked up a head of steam as the BRG Group inked a new deal in Washington wit....

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