Golf With Trump – I’ll Be Happy Says Paddy

The big story in golf right now is focused on the anti-Donald Trump gang going after the President for his golf outings.

The anti-golf playing President rage has become ridiculous to say the least. Tiger’s played with the President. Rory has played with the President. So what! The man loves golf and he owns some of the best courses in the world. At least he knows how to use game to calm hot heads and win international friends!

Cut President Trump some slack – grow up and be like Padraig Harrington (pictured) who has revealed he would welcome an invitation to play golf with President Trump.

When asked during an interview whether or not he would join Trump on the fairways, Harrington said, “Of course, I would respect the office of the President of the United States and play with the democratically elected leader”. Good on you Paddy!