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The past few weeks have been traumatic to say the least. What started as a flu-like outbreak in Wuhan, China, very quickly escalated to become a global pandemic. By the time you get to see the April edition of ASIAN GOLF, the total number of infected patients would have reached 800,000 with the number dead touching 40,000. There are just no adjectives to describe this scourge on mankind outside of calling it unprecedented. Let us hope that all of Mankind will be spared further sorrow and pain and that this sweeping virus attack loses its thrust allowing the Planet to gradually return to normalcy. Unfortunately, as life returns to normal, it will not be the same again. The pandemic would have introduced a new normal which all of us will have to slowly become accustomed to.

While the world has taken a real beating, life has to go on. The golf industry has not been spared. Tournaments have mostly been cancelled or postponed and never has the industry been witness to golf clubs and courses being absolutely deserted, resembling ghost towns. This is temporary and the industry will return bruised and battered but not beaten.

One of the events that has fallen victim to the global pandemic is the World Golf Expo (WGE). Scheduled to be held in October 2020, this world-class event will now be held in March of 2021. Nothing is changed. In fact, the partners behind the staging of the WGE, the giant Mission Hills Group of China and the Asia Pacific Golf Group, the parent company of ASIAN GOLF have pledged to use the extra time to plan an even bigger and better event.

After having taken some solid gut punches, the most inspiring plan of action to take is to aim for a much needed shot in the arm. WGE will be boosted with a huge dose of adrenaline and will serve as a powerful launch pad to get golf back on the fast track in the Asia Pacific.

WGE will be staged annually in bustling Haikou, the capital city of Hainan in China. It is the intention of the organisers to transform Haikou into the “mecca” for golf in Asia. Given its prime location, Haikou is very accessible to all nations in Asia and is also easily accessible to the rest of the world.

The key components of WGE will be:

  • A global golf trade exposition
  • An international golf business summit
  • An international agronomy symposium
  • An international symposium on golf tourism
  • A series of professional and amateur golf tournaments
  • The Global Golf Awards

The official WGE website has been launched and can be viewed at https://www.worldgolfexpo.com/

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